Sex And The Sleepwalker

Sex And The Sleepwalker

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Brynn Sutherland has a little problem with sleepwalking – especially when she's under stress

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And with the reappearance of her old flame Cade Hunter well, she's about as stressed as she can get.She keeps waking up beside him! With their history, his bed is the last place she wants to be, regardless of how gorgeous he is

But when he suggests a cure to her nocturnal wanderings revisiting their old make-out spots and resolving their past how can she resist Maybe once she's had her way with Cade, he'll stop haunting her nights

Cade has never really gotten over Brynn

Looks as if he'll have to prolong their sleepwalking therapy sessions until she admits the same thing

One thing he knows for sure he wants Brynn forever

So when she climbs into bed with him, he can't turn her away.Problem is, right now he's undercover to protect her from a possible threat and he can't afford to be distracted

Too bad he's preoccupied by their sexy trips down memory lane